Explore the CellaVision Proficiency Software workflow.

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As the examiner you log in to your secure online account to upload slides, verify or change the master classifications, add or delete participants, create and distribute tests and oversee and manage test outcomes.

Create a test

Create new proficiency tests in a step-by-step wizard.
STEP 1: Select slides
STEP 2: Add participants
STEP 3: Set test preferences such as end date, visiblity of additional patient information or custom test comments
STEP 4: Review your test and send it off to its participants.

Distribute the test

Once you click FINISH the test is distributed to all participant accounts - paperless and instant.

Test received by participants

The test now appears in each participants account. By double-clicking on a test the participant can see all the slides he or she has to perform a morphology analysis on.

Test participants

Participants all have their own secure online accounts, which are automatically created when you add a participant. Logging in to their account shows them tests they need to take, tests they have already taken and their test results.

Participant performs a morphology analysis

Double-clicking on a slide opens an interactive view of high quality cell images and (if available) an RBC overview image. Participants must classify all WBC's and characterize RBC morphology before signing the slide. Once they have signed all slides the test is automatically marked as completed.

Monitor progress

You can monitor each participants progress and, if needed, close the test before its scheduled end date.

Compilation of test results

Once everybody has completed the test, an interactive report is compiled and made available to you and all participants.

Assess test performance

Monitor the overall performance of your group, compare individuals and discover problem areas. See which leukocytes are causing the most difficulties and track each individuals RBC morphology skill level.


Once a test is completed, participants can browse their test results, compare their differential to yours and that of their anonymized peers, discover weak spots and learn to recognize different morphologies.

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