Frequently asked questions

The FAQ section lists the most popular questions asked about the CellaVision Proficiency Software. To see more questions and answers or to ask your own question visit the CellaVision Community platform.

CellaVision Proficiency Software

What are the recommended requirements for using the program?

You can find an up to date requirements list here.

How many slides can I include in a test?

It is possible to include up to 20 slides in a test.

Can I extend the number of participants in my license?

It is possible to upgrade your license at any time. Get in contact with us to learn more about upgrading your license.

Can I add extra information to a slide?

You can attach additional slide information to a slide. This could be information such as CBC data, histograms, or scatterplots. We support uploading of the following file formats: bmp, jpeg, gif, png, doc, docx, and txt.

Can I write a conclusion for a test?

Navigate to a completed test in the TEST tab and click once on it to get the detailed view. There you can attach a test conclusion report in a pdf file format.

Do I need to notify my participants that they have a test waiting for them?

If you have added an email address for the participant the program will send an automatic notification to that participant.

Transfer Tool

How do I transfer slides to the program?

Log in to the CellaVision Proficiency Software and navigate to the SLIDES tab. Follow the instructions to install the Transfer Tool and upload slides. Note that Administrator privileges are required for the installation.

What slides can be transferred to the program?

It is possible to transfer peripheral blood or body fluid slides from a Processing or Competency database with up to 500 WBC and one RBC overview image.

What credentials do I use to log in to the databases?

The credentials for logging in to the databases displayed in the Transfer Tool are the same as you have for accessing those databases from your CellaVision DM analyzer computer or the CellaVision Remote Review Software.

I get an error when I click on the Get the Transfer Tool button

Depending on the browser, it may not always be possible to install the Transfer Tool directly by clicking "Run" or "Open" in the browser. As a workaround, select "Save" or "Save As" and then run the Transfer Tool executable installer from the location on your computer where you saved it.

We are here to help

Cellavision Proficiency Support

If you require support or have any question regarding the CellaVision Proficiency Software email us at proficiency@cellavision.com and we will get back to you.