Suitable for any size organization

Designed to handle any size of organization, the CellaVision Proficiency Software can be used by individual laboratories, integrated health networks, clinics, as well as universities.

The program comes in two editions - Professional and Enterprise to fit the needs of your organization. To find out more about the features in Professional and Enterprise contact your local hematology vendor.

Now your entire organization can become best practice in cell morphology, regardless of size. 

  • Stream-lined proficiency testing of small and large groups
  • Easily add or remove test participants
  • If your organization grows, seamlessly upgrade to the Enterprise solution



Access through any web-browser through cloud-computing architecture

Instant web-browser access anywhere.

Instant access anywhere

Access the CellaVision Proficiency Software from any computer and any location. Simply open a web browser and log in to your account—no installation required.

Slides, CBC data and histograms can be uploaded from multiple locations to a shared account and used to create tests.

Once distributed, participants are notified of new tests via email and can themselves log in to their personal and secure CellaVision Proficiency Software account from any location in the world to take the test.

  • Easily share and re-use slides for testing
  • Test and view results on any computer, anywhere
  • Participants can take test from any location that has internet access


Quick to set up, easy to use

Integrate the CellaVision Proficiency Software into your lab routines and see how easy it can be to train and  test the proficiency your staff.

Use your digital slides to create and distribute tests in minutes. The program will give email notifications to your group of participants letting them know they have a test waiting for them. Once a test is completed results are automatically compiled to help you assess and document the performance of your group. 

The CellaVision Proficiency Software makes it easy to establish continuous education and proficiency testing as one of your lab routines, without requiring much of your time or resources.

Read more about the workflow

  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Establish a testing and education routine using minimal time and resources
  • Paperless testing and automatically compiled online reports



Interactive and clear test results

As soon as a proficiency test is completed by the participants, test results are automatically compiled and presented to you and all test participants in an easy to understand and secure view. 

Easily monitor the overall performance of your group, compare individuals, or dig deeper into the report, if you wish. The interactive results makes it easy for you to discover trends and identify problem areas. See which leukocytes are causing the most difficulties or track each individual's RBC morphology skill level.

As test participants are provided with instant feedback, they can continuously assess their skill levels, helping them to further develop their morphology expertise.

  • Monitor the overall performance of your group
  • Discover classification trends
  • See which leukocytes are causing the most difficulties


Ensure quality throughout your organization

Using the program you can now assess your groups morphology expertise down to the individual cell and educate staff to produce better and more standardized differentials. 

The CellaVision Proficiency Software will help you to coordinate differentials across your region to ensure consistent and high quality results. 

A cloud based architecture and digital cell images allow you to share and collaborate with your peers to standardize your organization.

  • Ensure high quality differentials
  • Assess your group down to the individual cell
  • Standardize a networking region



Assess, track and document proficiency 

The CellaVision Proficiency Software will provide you with a powerful platform that will help you train your staff to report results consistent with your lab’s policies, while continuously developing their expertise.

Valuable statistics are gathered and safely stored in your account allowing you to go back and look at results from previous years at any time. This way you can continuously track and monitor the performance of your group.

All results can be exported and opened in programs such as Excel giving you possibilities to create your own custom reports ready for auditing.

  • Results consistent with lab's policies
  • Create reports ready for auditing
  • Track and document proficiency


Improve morphology expertise

The CellaVision Proficiency Software is the perfect educational tool for both labs and universities. Several features were designed to provide you with a flexible education platform.

For example you can,

  • Build a library using your own reference cells and decide on a test by test basis if the participants should have access to it while performing the classification.
  • Add explanatory notes about a slide or describe the morphology of individual cells. When participants review their results this additional information will provide them with a more thorough understanding of cell morphology.
  • Write a conclusion about the result of a completed test and attach it to make it instantly available for your group. 

  • Add explanatory information about slides and cells
  • Receive and provide instant feedback
  • Educational tools that promote independent learning

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