STEP 1. Test. Create proficiency tests with a few clicks

Choose digital slides

Choose participants

STEP 1. Test
Test morphology expertise using digital slides

STEP 2. Review.

Automatically compiled reports for you and your participants

STEP 2. Review
See test results and record competency

STEP 3. Educate.

An education platform that promotes independent learning

STEP 3. Educate
Assess and educate at the same time

A powerful web-based program for proficiency testing of blood and body-fluid differentials.

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Make proficiency testing easier, faster and more standardized

CellaVision Proficiency Software is a sophisticated educational tool to assess the proficiency of your staff, while at the same time educating them to perform blood and body fluid differentials. The program makes it easy to routinely conduct continuous education and proficiency testing while saving valuable time and resources. This allows you to ensure high quality throughout your organization and the ability to retain valuable morphology expertise, even after key staff leave your organization.

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Key Features

Video Tutorials

Secure online account

Log in to your account through any browser, from anywhere in the world to create tests, manage participants and view test results. No software installations required.


Digital slides, online tests and no paperwork

Upload digital slides to your account, verify the master classification and distribute tests to your staff online. The unique workflow streamlines proficiency testing and minimizes your work.


Interactive and clearly structured test results

Monitor the overall performance of your group, compare individuals, discover trends and identify problem areas. See which leukocytes are causing the most difficulties or track each individual's RBC morphology skill level.


Automatic feedback to test participants

As soon as a proficiency test is completed, test results are automatically compiled and presented to all test participants in their own private accounts. In addition to seeing their overall test results, they can quickly identify problem areas, view cell examples, and further develop their morphology expertise.


Test conclusions and extensive commenting

Write your own test conclusions and attach it to completed tests for all participants to see. Write overall test comments or add a comment about a particular slide. Both you and your participants can write comments about any cell in the test, which will be visible to all once a test is completed.